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Go Back Build Your Own: Track Display
See the position of your Switches
and know where your trains are routed
-This Track Display Circuit Board attaches directly to the main line.
-No Additional Power Supply is needed. The track provides the power.
-Works with any DCC Controler that can send accessory commands.

This Track Display Circuit Board reads and interprets the DCC accessory commands from the rails and then lights the appropriate Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) wired and attached to it's outputs. The LEDs are grouped in pairs. Only one LED in a pair is on at a time, indicating that a switch is in the "Thrown" or "Closed" position.

All that is required to make a track display is to find some material to make the display board, paint it with the desired track layout, drill some holes for the LEDs and then wire the LEDs to the terminal strips on the Track Display Board. The Track Display Board supports switch addresses one through 20, which allows for control of 40 LEDs.

The Track Display Board is very simple to operate.
-It does not require a PC, a serial port or special software.
-There are no CVs to program.
-Includes an on board dimmer control to allow adjusting of the brightness of the LEDs to better match your layout lighting.

Price $169.00 + Tax